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Also the home of BeeTree Honey
Pure Raw Honey Locally made for you...
Our bee products are all 'homegrown' and available

Year round at:
at our home apiary in Kirkwood, NY

During the Summer at:

Vestal Farmers Market,

Endicott Visitor Center Market, 

During the Winter at:

Our bees do their work in the wildflower fields of Kirkwood, Windsor, Chenango Forks, and Conklin, NY.  They enjoy a low stress, uncrowded environment. We do not move or hives our place them in agricultural fields.

Our bottled honey is 'raw' from the hive. Its wildflower flavor changes with the seasons.
Contact us at:   Sue Garing,, 607-775-5041
, 294 Ostrum Rd, Kirkwood, NY 13795

Photos of our products ...
Variety of Jars filled with local Sue Garing honeys
Baby Bear, Glass Momma Bear, 8oz, 1 pound glass and "squeeze", 2 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound jars filled with pure raw seasonal honey from Broome County bees!  We also make cream honey and have naturally crystallized honey.   If you like your honey right from the comb we have that too.  Enjoy "cut comb" blocks or "chuck" honey with comb and honey in one jar.
Fresh Pollen and Propolis product
Raw propolis from our hives in chunk, ground and tincture.   Raw fresh pollen from our hives. Brought in by our bees.
Some of our smaller Sue Garing candles
Pure Beeswax blocks, taper candles, molded candles and novelties.  Clean and slow burning.  Made by our bees.
Our Special Sue Garing Gift Muth Jars
Corked pound and half pound "Muth" jars filled with our raw honey, shrink sealed, for a special gift.
Sue Garing honey butter brittle candy
Homemade honey butter brittle candy made with our honey and pure butter.   Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Peanut and Hazelnut!
Taper Candle from our beeswax
Taper candles are the height or elegance.  Always made with pure local beeswax.

Thinking of keeping bees yourself? Contact Sue Garing for locally raised "nucs" and queen cell splits.